19 things to do in 2019
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As 2018 comes to an end (which I am so thankful for, something we will touch on another time), I have started to put together my resolutions for the New Year. The last part of the year has been pretty intense, so I am looking forward to 2019 with a lot of positive thoughts and hope I can follow through on at least a few of these!

  • Go on a photography course – I bought a camera a few years ago with the hope of becoming a pro-selfie taker, but my ex-boyfriend was an excellent photographer so he took the reigns on the camera. Now he’s gone, it’s my turn!
  • Get running – I am surrounded by VERY fit friends – CrossFit, Ironmen, half marathons etc and I can’t even run to catch the bus. The other day I was watching Jurrasic World and I began to panic that I would be majorly screwed if I had to run away from a giant Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • Go on a writing course – I have always enjoyed writing in my spare time (not at school), when I’m able to choose what to write about. For as long as I can remember, I’ve kept a diary and really enjoy doing so, however enjoying it doesn’t make you good at it. Point in case with this blog – we all have to start somewhere 🙂
  • Get dancing – Not much to this one, I have always loved dancing but during my relationship, certain things I enjoyed were left on pause.
  • Practise meditation – Something I started on a recent trip to Stockholm, I am finding it incredibly hard but can already feel the benefits.
  • Be more kind – This is more of a general point and I am not too sure how I will measure it. It includes being more kind to myself, as I have a lot of patience with other people, but not so much with myself!
  • Savings account – This one has been on my list for YEARS. I would like to put more money in to my savings account each month.
  • Learn Swedish – I love the country, love the language and would love to eventually live there.
  • Try one new thing a month – I love trying new things, whether that is new food, a new activity or simply just a new lipstick.
  • Quit smoking – I have lost count of how many times this has been on my list for. But 2019 is the year 🙂

To be continued…

What are your New Years resolutions for 2019?

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