Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

So, I was cleaning my room and came across a teddy than an ex had brought me and it got me thinking about how many things I still had from ex’s and why I still had them. It is like a wierd hoarders fantasy. Years and years of snippets of memories and relationships. Why is it so hard to throw these things away? Is there some part of us that likes to hold on to them as a reminder of what it was? What we had? Or in some cases remind us of what we never want again?

I thought I would start writing down to date the most noteworthy relationships/flings that I have had that I feel shaped who I am today. I am going to be brutally honest and speak about my experiences from my perspective which I think might be quite theraputic, cringeworthy, comeical, wrong and at times sad but here goes.

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